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MERLIN SkySnug Headphones

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A Hood Designed for Privacy and Rest

SkySnug’s innovative design includes a cozy, oversized hood that covers your eyes and blocks out light, allowing for refreshing naps. The plush memory foam provides ergonomic comfort, while the hood covers your eyes for instant lights-out. Moreover, the removable hood is made from premium sweatshirt material and can be easily washed, giving you a fresh pillow for every trip.

Soft Memory Foam Pillow

The pillow’s plush yet sturdy memory foam gives you the perfect 360-degree support for your neck, whether your head leans left, right or falls forward, making SkySnug the most comfortable travel pillow and a must-have travel accessory.

BT Music & Handsfree System

Combining two of the most essential travel items–Music & Comfort–SkySnug’s built-in Bluetooth earphones lets you listen to your favorite music, watch movies in peace, or simply take calls while on the road, while the hood blocks out the world around you. With quick access buttons sewed into the pillow, you can quickly change tracks, accept/end calls, and adjust volume with ease.


  • High-density memory foam neck pillow adjusts to your neck shape for ultimate support & comfort
  • Made from premium sweatshirt material with built-in Bluetooth earphones
  • Removable hood with drawstrings to adjust to head size
  • Great for airline travel, road trips, business travelling, or even a quick lunch-break nap
  • Use while traveling, napping, reading, watching TV, studying, or simply listening to music
  • Quick buttons for play/pause, call answer/end, next/previous track
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